hacker and trojan horses.

LZMarieAuthor very kindly tweeted me to tell me that my website had been hacked. When I looked, there were links embedded everywhere that took you to an ad site. She suggested I change my  password, which I did. It now seems to have repaired itself, thank goodness.

I rather like my website and it felt very besmirched to have  such hijacking going  on.

So now I can go back to posting blogs.

Next step, I will add photos of my  marvellous spoodle, Sir Lochinvar, otherwise known as Locky.

Not yet. I haven’t figured it out yet….but COMING SOON!

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Hi all,

I have been learning about Twitter. I have a following  now of nearly 1000 but I still don’t  know how to post a twitter on my mobile phone. I posted a Photo of my spoodle but I could only  figure out  how to do that by first posting it on Facebook then sharing it to Twitter. My phone didn’t  have Twitter as an option for a direct share…and I don’t  know how to do even that on my  computer. I seem to have to figure everything out for differently for phone and computer.

Still, I am better at it than I was a few weeks ago

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E-book launched

Bronze Magic has just been released through Smashwords as an e-book, available through Kobo,  i-books and other platforms.

Bronze Magic is already available as paperback and kindle through Amazon

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royalties and releases

I have  just received my  first royalty cheque for Bronze Magic sales. Very exciting.

The second in The Sorcerer’s Oath series, Wizard’s Curse is due for release in October 2014.

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