A long time go, I wrote two detective novels that now lie mouldering somewhere in a bottom drawer.

I have always loved fantasy and magic, particularly in a medieval setting. Over time my reading has moved almost exclusively into that genre.

Six years ago, my son began to write a fantasy novel and what began as editing his work turned into me writing my own.

So, three decades later after my abortive detective novels, I completed The Sorcerer’s Oath, a series of four fantasy novels, of which Bronze Magic is the first. I self-published and marketed the series for several years but have recently decided to sign with Creativia, a community-driven, next-generation independent publisher, based in Finland.

This is a forum for comments, reviews and news of forthcoming publications, both my own and other people’s.

As I negotiate the world of publishing, book promotion and distribution, I will keep you posted on my progress and the obstacles I encounter on my journey.

If  there are any other aspiring authors or interested readers of fantasy out there, feel free to share your ideas, successes and frustrations on the Home page.

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