The Wizardess : The Sorcerer’s Oath Book 4

Sorcerer’s Oath series is now complete with the release of the fourth ad final book, The Wizardess.

As the showdown between them looms, King Kosar and Prince Jarand use forest fire, subterfuge, clandestine troops and poisoned parchment to vie for Tarkyn’s support. The Wizardess of the Lost Forest emerges from her woodland home to fight with Tarkyn to save Eskuzor from the rivalry of his brothers, but she holds secret knowledge that shocks and angers him when it is revealed.

As the wizardess joins forces with two great wizards, unparalleled power pours forth to change the course of the battle, while Tarkyn and Midnight throw themselves between the two armies in a last desperate attempt to stave off civil war. And with Stormaway’s words ringing in his ears that he may not like the way he succeeds, Tarkyn must make a choice that will affect the fate of both woodfolk and sorcerers.



I hope you enjoy the grand finale to the Sorcerer’s Oath series.

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