The Wizardess : The Sorcerer’s Oath Book 4

Sorcerer’s Oath series is now complete with the release of the fourth ad final book, The Wizardess.

As the showdown between them looms, King Kosar and Prince Jarand use forest fire, subterfuge, clandestine troops and poisoned parchment to vie for Tarkyn’s support. The Wizardess of the Lost Forest emerges from her woodland home to fight with Tarkyn to save Eskuzor from the rivalry of his brothers, but she holds secret knowledge that shocks and angers him when it is revealed.

As the wizardess joins forces with two great wizards, unparalleled power pours forth to change the course of the battle, while Tarkyn and Midnight throw themselves between the two armies in a last desperate attempt to stave off civil war. And with Stormaway’s words ringing in his ears that he may not like the way he succeeds, Tarkyn must make a choice that will affect the fate of both woodfolk and sorcerers.



I hope you enjoy the grand finale to the Sorcerer’s Oath series.

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Paperback released

The Lost Forest is now available as a paperback  through Amazon, Createspace, this website, Ingram Sparks and online bookshops.

The Lost Forest is now available as a paperback through Amazon, Createspace, this website, Ingram Sparks and online bookshops.

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Lost Forest now available on KIndle

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I have just finished uploading The Lost Forest onto Kindle. So it should be available tomorrow for English speakers and in a couple of days for everyone else.


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Comicon and AMC

I travelled up to Sydney to the Comicon festival and manned a stall down here in Melbourne at AMC (Australian Movie and Comic Expo) to sell my books. Both expos had lots of people milling around in amazing costumes. I myself ware a black, purple lined cloak but


did not  go the whole hog and wear a complete outfit.


This is Carl Sundstrom and Rachel Drummond, fellow authors sharing the stand with me at AMC.


Here are two of the many marvellous costumes!!

I showed some people the cover of Book 3. Everyone loved it, which was gratifying for my father and sister who are the artists. A few more tweaks and I will show it to you.

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Book 3 release

I have been remiss in my upkeep of this website, but I have now brought it up to date. Book 3 will be available before the end of the year and book 4 will be available by November next year.

Book 3, The Lost Forest, is having the final touches done to  its cover picture and the blurb and Story so Far are nearly ready to go.

Book 4, you will be relieved to know, is written but the publishing process has not  yet begun for it. So it will be several months before it is  ready.

I am pleased so many people are awaiting the  release of these books. I suspect you will think it is worth the wait. I hope so, anyway.

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Words in Winter

A few weeks ago in Daylesford, I read excerpts of Bronze Magic and Wizard’s Curse interspersed with songs on the same themes as the excerpts to an appreciative audience at Words in Winter  Festival. The music was again provided by the Dixie Chooks whose melodies and harmonies provided a beautiful enhancement of the readings.

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Launch of Wizard’s Curse

Hello one and all,

The book launch for Wizard’s Curse is set for Thursday, 30th April at 7pm at  Melton Library. My previous book launch for Bronze Magic was so successful that, this time, it will be held in the theatrette. Very exciting!!!

Snacks will be provided at the launch but I will also book Q Lounge for those who want to buy a meal before or afterwards.

Wendy and Moira (aka Dixie Chooks) will again be performing to brighten the evening… my heroes!!!  They were so impressive at my last book launch that the library  booked them for two further performances.

So come along and have a great night…while I die of fright once more!!

Hope to see you all

best wishes


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Paperback now finalised

Excitement! Excitement!

Wizard’s Curse has finally been approved for release. Now available through Amazon and hopefully other outlets.

Today’s quote: “Why is it that just when you need someone’s support, you manage to offend them?”

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Thurday’s Wizard’s Curse quote

“It was the worst beginning. We cannot change that. All we can change is the effect that it has on our future.” 

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Excitement! Excitement!

Wizard’s Curse cover is finally ready to go, thanks to the creative efforts of Wendy Ealey,  Tim Ealey, Burnham Arlidge and Rebecca Singh. Beautiful result. Thank you everyone. Wizards Curse_Cover_72dpi

Wizard’s Curse will be uploaded as an ebook onto Smashwords and Kindle tomorrow, Monday 19th January 2015.

Hope you all enjoy it


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