Progress on Wizard’s Curse

Hello all,

Sorry about the delay on releasing Wizard’s Curse.

The new cover is now a combination of three people’s work; my son Burnham, his girlfriend Rebecca and my father Tim. Now my sister Wendy, who is the cover designer and layout expert, is putting it all together. The internal text is ready, have just done photo shoot of cover paintings.   Wizard’s Curse should be out  by the end of January…..Just the three months later than anticipated! Whoops!

Never mind. It will be worth waiting for. I will provide you with the blurb in the next post.

See you soon. Much sooner than last post!


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Front cover for Wizard’s Curse

Burnham produced a painting for the second book in the Sorcerer’s Oath series, Wizard’s Curse but  after careful consideration we have decided to go back to the drawing  board. The  cover of Bronze Magic is stark and iconic so we want the same feel for the second book.

I now have worked out USA tax enough so that I don’t  have to pay 30% tax both un USA and Australia.

I will print blurb for Wizard’s curse on the website in the next week so that you can get a feel for it.

Bronze Magic is available on amzn.to/1jcDLgb

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Most  mornings , my spoodle Locky and I walk along Toolern Creek. For the last two weeks this has been spoiled by a long dead carpet snake that has appeared on the path. I am scared of snakes. Even when they are dead, they make my stomach turn over. Worse still, Locky rolled on it and came home stinking.

But  today my dad and my son came  down to the creek with me and removed the remains of the snake so that I can once more enjoy my walk. Hooray!

available from amazon, kindle , smashwords, kobo and other ebooks formats

available from amazon, kindle , smashwords, kobo and other ebooks formats


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Wizard’s Curse on its way.

Thanks to everyone who has bought Bronze Magic so far and lost themselves in a forest filled with woodfolk, magic and a lost sorcerer prince….

For those of you who love fantasy series but  worry that you will get part of the way through and find that  the series is  unfinished, fear not!

I have already written the whole Sorcerer’s Oath series. Book 2, Wizard’s Curse, will be released later in the year. The book launch will be on 13th October! How’s that for decisive? The venue is still a moot point but we have a bit of time to think about it.

I now have about 1175 followers on Twitter. I have followed 2002 people but Twitter won’t let me follow anyone else so I cannot follow back any  new people at  the moment. Very frustrating. Does anyone know what to do about this?

Bronze Magic is available as paperback and Kindle on amzn.to/1jcDLgb  or  as an ebook at Smashwords on bit.ly/1g51SG.

Haven’t worked out  how to put these as links to other sites yet. Ho hum. It is a long learning  process….

Speak again soon,

Happy reading whatever you are reading!




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hacker and trojan horses.

LZMarieAuthor very kindly tweeted me to tell me that my website had been hacked. When I looked, there were links embedded everywhere that took you to an ad site. She suggested I change my  password, which I did. It now seems to have repaired itself, thank goodness.

I rather like my website and it felt very besmirched to have  such hijacking going  on.

So now I can go back to posting blogs.

Next step, I will add photos of my  marvellous spoodle, Sir Lochinvar, otherwise known as Locky.

Not yet. I haven’t figured it out yet….but COMING SOON!

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Hi all,

I have been learning about Twitter. I have a following  now of nearly 1000 but I still don’t  know how to post a twitter on my mobile phone. I posted a Photo of my spoodle but I could only  figure out  how to do that by first posting it on Facebook then sharing it to Twitter. My phone didn’t  have Twitter as an option for a direct share…and I don’t  know how to do even that on my  computer. I seem to have to figure everything out for differently for phone and computer.

Still, I am better at it than I was a few weeks ago

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E-book launched

Bronze Magic has just been released through Smashwords as an e-book, available through Kobo,  i-books and other platforms.

Bronze Magic is already available as paperback and kindle through Amazon

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royalties and releases

I have  just received my  first royalty cheque for Bronze Magic sales. Very exciting.

The second in The Sorcerer’s Oath series, Wizard’s Curse is due for release in October 2014.

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Book launch for Bronze Magic

Bronze Magic will be launched at 7pm on Thursday 27th March 2014 at Melton Library.


Short talk

The Dixie Chooks (Wendy Ealey & Moir Tyers) singing a couple of songs

Reading from Bronze Magic

Book signing.

For those who wish to stay on, we will repair to Q Lounge afterwards.


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Bronze Magic

Bronze Magic is a fantasy novel of 484 pages, the first in the Sorcerer’s Oath series that tracks the woodfolk legend of Tarkyn, Guardian of the Forest. It is written in an easy flowing style that makes it accessible to both teenagers and adults. Tarkyn, an exiled sorcerer prince, although powerful, spends much of his time trying not to intimidate people, while memorable characters battle with issues of trust, cultural differences and respect against a background of magic and action.

Bronze Magic was released in July 2013 in paperback and kindle and will shortly be released as an ebook. It is available from Amazon.com, Amazon Uk and Europe, Booktopia, and other on- line bookshops.

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